Friday, February 17, 2006

Welcome to the Lawn Jockey Awards


This blog launches the monitoring and tracking of African-American elected officials who are found to use their offices for personal gain, while engaging in legislative activities that serve to harm the people they are supposed to represent: THEIR CONSTITUENCIES.

Many African-American elected officials are elected by large African-American communities, and we believe that they, most of all, should always be in tune and in touch with the needs and issues that require their involvement and intervention in the constituencies they represent.

No African-American official, whether they are locally elected, state-wide representatives, or Nationally elected, will be immune from our scrutiny. So, if you have an African-American elected official that's supposed to represent your interests and you feel that they are leaving you behind while personally selling out your best interests, please feel free to drop a line in the comments section, or click on the link to send an email at

Be sure to stay tuned for the date, time and location of our 1st Annual "Lawn Jockey Awards" dinner, which is being planned for Summer, 2006 in Washington, DC. Send your nominees for the following awards:

Handkerchief Head Award - goes to the least egregious Elected official.

Uncle Ben/Aunt Jemima Award - goes to the elected official all too willing to do "Massa's" Bidding at the expense of their constituencies.

Lawn Jockey Award - goes to the elected official who goes above and beyond requirements to please officials who aspire to eliminate people of color with their legislative policies.

Stepin' Fechit Award - goes to the elected official who is a Complete Sell-Out of the Highest Order, to the point that if they could manage a physical manifestation of changing ethnicity, they would do so in expeditious fashion. Usually identifies as a Republican who is trying to get die-hard GOPers to see people of color as human beings, but sucks up to the most racist group to obtain their approval as a "good Negro".


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