Monday, February 20, 2006

The Front Runner for the "Stepin Fechit" Awards

As indicated at the Pesky Fly. Here's an excerpt, and you be the judge:

Presumably, the following press release, send out Friday by U.S. Rep. Harold "If-you-can't-beat-'em-join-'em" Ford Jr, is meant to solidify his reputation as a no-nonsense fiscal conservative (or a "moderate," as some of the Righties perversely prefer). That it not only sustains, but advances the current GOP narrative leads us once again to ask: Why is Harold Ford Jr. not running for the Senate as a Republican? Collateral question: Why are the major Republican candidates going out of their way to attack Ford as a "liberal's liberal"?

Provisional answer to collateral question: The other GOP candidates begin to panic as they see this cuckoo on their nest attempting to hatch their eggs and understand his electoral strategy -- to go after the Republican-leaning vote while taking the Democratic one for granted. Ford's strategy, aimed at the general-election electorate, assumes his victory in the primary over state Senator Rosalind Kurita, a more traditional Democrat, even something of a populist -- an assumption fueled by the massive over- and under-the-counter support given Ford by the statewide and national party hierarchies

If this individual isn't at least nominated for the top Lawn Jockey award, the cuckoo has really flown.


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