Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"Stepin Fetchit" Front Runner calls in Reinforcements


I have blogged about this at the Pesky Fly. But, I thought it's interesting that Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. has suddenly remembered his African-American roots. He's been photographed at the Civil Rights Museum, in the very place where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated.

I wonder if he actually asked someone to point out the spot so he could be sure to stand there in a "reflective" pose. If Ford has been reflective, maybe his voting record would reflect his introspection, instead of his naked, prostituting ambition.

But in his fundraising attempts, I doubt very seriously that Illinois Senator Barack Obama would be brought in to provide reinforcements except he was advised to do so by the DSCC establishment (read: Sen. Chuck Schumer "ordered" him to Memphis to support Ford). So even though Ford took swipes at the blogsphere through his comments in the Commercial Appeal, he's also indicating to those of us in the blogsphere that he's hearing us.

I don't expect him to be as progressive or liberal in his political thinking as I am, but if you identify yourself as a Democrat, there should be enough in your political thinking to make you palatable to the rest of the Party, yet, be in tune with your constituency and the issues and concerns they face and vote accordingly, while holding your progressive or conservative thinking in certain areas.

Calling Barack Obama in as reinforcement is a good start. But if it's being done to hoodwink voters, you have just shown how much you will "Step" or "Fetch" to get that Senate seat.

And our group will be justified in handing you that award, with our deepest thanks.


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