Tuesday, February 28, 2006



I know this is supposed to be limited to African-American elected officials. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't include former elected officials if they're selling out, does it?

In that case, I'd like to nominate former Congressman and UN Ambassador Andrew Young for the Lawn Jockey's "Handkerchief Head" award. Talk about Andy going on without Amos...the cuckoo has truly and decisively flown.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Rep. David Scott (D-Georgia) - Another "front runner" for the Stepin Fetchit Award. Might take the honor away from Senate wanna-be, Rep. Harold Ford, Jr.

Rep. Albert Wynn (D-Maryland) - Nominated for "Lawn Jockey" Award

Rep. Artur Davis (D-Alabama) - Nominee for "Handkerchief Head" Award

Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-Georgia) - Nominee for the "Uncle Ben" Award

Now, remember, these elected officials are suggested nominees, and that doesn't mean they are automatically given the award. We want to be fair in who becomes the object of our ridicule. We are still accepting nominations until Summer 2006, just in time to coincide with the Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Weekend.

Just like "The Colbert Report" features a segment called "Better Know A District", we at the Lawn Jockey Awards have a similar segment, called "Better Know Your Congress Critter."

"Stepin Fetchit" Front Runner calls in Reinforcements


I have blogged about this at the Pesky Fly. But, I thought it's interesting that Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. has suddenly remembered his African-American roots. He's been photographed at the Civil Rights Museum, in the very place where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated.

I wonder if he actually asked someone to point out the spot so he could be sure to stand there in a "reflective" pose. If Ford has been reflective, maybe his voting record would reflect his introspection, instead of his naked, prostituting ambition.

But in his fundraising attempts, I doubt very seriously that Illinois Senator Barack Obama would be brought in to provide reinforcements except he was advised to do so by the DSCC establishment (read: Sen. Chuck Schumer "ordered" him to Memphis to support Ford). So even though Ford took swipes at the blogsphere through his comments in the Commercial Appeal, he's also indicating to those of us in the blogsphere that he's hearing us.

I don't expect him to be as progressive or liberal in his political thinking as I am, but if you identify yourself as a Democrat, there should be enough in your political thinking to make you palatable to the rest of the Party, yet, be in tune with your constituency and the issues and concerns they face and vote accordingly, while holding your progressive or conservative thinking in certain areas.

Calling Barack Obama in as reinforcement is a good start. But if it's being done to hoodwink voters, you have just shown how much you will "Step" or "Fetch" to get that Senate seat.

And our group will be justified in handing you that award, with our deepest thanks.

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Front Runner for the "Stepin Fechit" Awards

As indicated at the Pesky Fly. Here's an excerpt, and you be the judge:

Presumably, the following press release, send out Friday by U.S. Rep. Harold "If-you-can't-beat-'em-join-'em" Ford Jr, is meant to solidify his reputation as a no-nonsense fiscal conservative (or a "moderate," as some of the Righties perversely prefer). That it not only sustains, but advances the current GOP narrative leads us once again to ask: Why is Harold Ford Jr. not running for the Senate as a Republican? Collateral question: Why are the major Republican candidates going out of their way to attack Ford as a "liberal's liberal"?

Provisional answer to collateral question: The other GOP candidates begin to panic as they see this cuckoo on their nest attempting to hatch their eggs and understand his electoral strategy -- to go after the Republican-leaning vote while taking the Democratic one for granted. Ford's strategy, aimed at the general-election electorate, assumes his victory in the primary over state Senator Rosalind Kurita, a more traditional Democrat, even something of a populist -- an assumption fueled by the massive over- and under-the-counter support given Ford by the statewide and national party hierarchies

If this individual isn't at least nominated for the top Lawn Jockey award, the cuckoo has really flown.

Friday, February 17, 2006

What the Awards Will Look Like





Welcome to the Lawn Jockey Awards


This blog launches the monitoring and tracking of African-American elected officials who are found to use their offices for personal gain, while engaging in legislative activities that serve to harm the people they are supposed to represent: THEIR CONSTITUENCIES.

Many African-American elected officials are elected by large African-American communities, and we believe that they, most of all, should always be in tune and in touch with the needs and issues that require their involvement and intervention in the constituencies they represent.

No African-American official, whether they are locally elected, state-wide representatives, or Nationally elected, will be immune from our scrutiny. So, if you have an African-American elected official that's supposed to represent your interests and you feel that they are leaving you behind while personally selling out your best interests, please feel free to drop a line in the comments section, or click on the link to send an email at http://www.cbcmonitor.voxunion.com

Be sure to stay tuned for the date, time and location of our 1st Annual "Lawn Jockey Awards" dinner, which is being planned for Summer, 2006 in Washington, DC. Send your nominees for the following awards:

Handkerchief Head Award - goes to the least egregious Elected official.

Uncle Ben/Aunt Jemima Award - goes to the elected official all too willing to do "Massa's" Bidding at the expense of their constituencies.

Lawn Jockey Award - goes to the elected official who goes above and beyond requirements to please officials who aspire to eliminate people of color with their legislative policies.

Stepin' Fechit Award - goes to the elected official who is a Complete Sell-Out of the Highest Order, to the point that if they could manage a physical manifestation of changing ethnicity, they would do so in expeditious fashion. Usually identifies as a Republican who is trying to get die-hard GOPers to see people of color as human beings, but sucks up to the most racist group to obtain their approval as a "good Negro".